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Does the Paragon VAT tribunal change the rules for direct mail?

A recent First Tier Tribunal case which HMRC lost has created a lot of chatter in the industry. The tendency in these situations is for commentators to cherry-pick the snippets that make for a great headline. As is always the

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The Bluefrog Blog

You may have seen this recent blog article or other posts related to it: Why I had to close Bluefrog down (and why I set up Bluefrog Fundraising) We thought it would be helpful to pass on our observations as

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VAT Single Sourcing…(again)

It was hoped that the updates to VAT Notices 700/24 and 701/10 would bring some much needed clarity to the direct marketing industry and allow everyone to move forward on an even footing. The revised version of VAT Notice 700/24

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Doctor, I have a VAT problem

HMRC finally published new guidance for the direct marketing industry in the updated versions of Notices 700/24 and 701/10 on 9th June. Following on from this, industry representatives such as the Direct Marketing Association and Charity Tax Group have provided

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Sort of…but not quite

So we now have what we’ve all been waiting for. The definitive guide to VAT on direct mail. Or have we… HMRC’s most recent correspondence (Open PDF) is a useful statement of policy, extracted after over two years of pressing

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Can I have that in writing?

In a previous blog we set out the facts surrounding HMRC’s policy statements in ongoing discussions with the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). Since then, representatives from both the DMA and Charity Tax Group have met with HMRC to seek further

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Fact or fiction?!


The industry has been awash with opinion, speculation and hearsay since HMRC’s announcement about their views on single sourcing. At some point you just need to step back and separate the facts from the fiction. A recent meeting of minds

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Postage and VAT – single sourcing

The issue of how VAT should be accounted for on postage supplies has polarised the marketing industry ever since the VAT exemption on many of Royal Mail’s retail products was removed in April 2012. From that moment many businesses advocated

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